Feb. 20 – 2023, Information from the company

V-Tank Storage SA have made a Cooperation Agreement with a terminal company in Riga, Latvia.

The terminal is located on the territory of the Frеероrt of Riga and is operating under frее economic zone status.

On the terminal can be stored dark oil products such as fuel oils, vacuum gas oils and light oil products such as furnace oils, gas oils, marine diesel oils.

The terminal totally consists of about 67 000 cbm, whereof roughly 40 000 cbm is for dark products and roughly 20 000 cbm are for light oil products.

There are 2 operating berths with a draft of 9,05, respectively 8 meters draft.

The pumping capacity to ships is 2 200 tons per hour.

As the terminal originally was built in order to receive oil products from rail tank cars pumped into tanks and after storage in the tanks, loaded into ships, there is a huge and effective rail unloading/loading system available for export as well as import of oil products.

We are fully ready for your needs when you are ready to move oil!


March 1 - 2023, Information from the company
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