Jan. 10 – 2023, Information from the company

V-Tank Storage SA have the pleasure to confirm that we can offer a terminal of more than 2.2 million cubic meters /14 million barrels, located in the Caribbean in St. Eustatues. 

The terminal has 6 different berths and can load and discharge VLCCs and ULCCs.

Tanks:                          60   

Total Capacity:             14.3 million barrels     or       2.274M cubic meters

Crude:                           5.2 million barrels       or       0.827M cubic meters

Fuel oil:                         6.8 million barrels       or       1.081M cubic meters

Clean Products:           2.3 million barrels       or       0.366M cubic meters

We are looking forward to your inquiries.

For more information please feel free to contact: Ulfv@vtankstorage.ch

Feb. 20 - 2023, Information from the company
Equinor and German energy major RWE to cooperate on energy security and decarbonisation

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