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V-Tank Storage SA is at Your full service in order to fulfil Your bulk liquid products, storage demands.

Caribbean Terminal

This Caribbean terminal with more than 2 million cbm capacity of storage have for You, available storage capacity for crude oils as well as for all kinds of refined oil products, such as gasolines, gas oils, fuel oils etc.

The draft at this Caribbean Terminal allows us to receive the largest ships that ever have existed.

RIGA, Latvia Terminal

This terminal is located at the Baltic sea

1.  Tank №1 (10 000 м3) – for dark product (fuel oil or vacuum gasoil) 

2.  Tank №2 (10 000 м3) –  for dark product  (fuel oil or vacuum gasoil) 

3.  Tank №3 (10 000 м3) –  for dark product  (fuel oil or vacuum gasoil ) 

4.  Tank №11 (10 000 м3) –  for dark product  (fuel oil or vacuum gasoil ) 

5.  Tank №10 (5 000 м3) – for vacuum gasoil or diesel 

6.  Tank №9 (5 000 м3) – for vacuum gasoil or diesel 

7.  Tank №8 (2 000 м3) – for vacuum gasoil or diesel 

8.  Tank №7 (2 000 м3) – for vacuum gasoil or diesel 

9.  Tank №6 (2 000 м3) – for vacuum gasoil or diesel 

10.Tank №5 (4 100 м3) – for vacuum gasoil or diesel 

11. Tank №4 (4 100 м3) – for vacuum gasoil or diesel 

12. Tank №12 (600 м3) – for fuel oil

13. Tank №12 (600 м3) – for fuel oil

14. Tank №12 (600 м3) – for fuel oil

The draft is 9,05 meters

Abu Dhabi (UAE) Terminal

This terminal consists of 40 tanks, each at 2 500 cbm, the tanks are Stainless Steel tanks and Carbon Steel tanks, half of them with heating possibilities and all tanks have their separate pipelines in and out from/to ships and road tank trucks. Available draft is around 18 meters, so the terminal can take any todays existing ship.

Tank details regarding this absolute excellent terminal:

Bund A (July 2023)Product examples (corrosive)Specifications
Class 3AminesDedicated lines and pump
Stainless steelPolyolsInsulation
2500 cbm eachPhenolHeat coil (max 60 degrees C)
10 tanksFatsHeating BOILER
Bund C (July 2023)Product examples (corrosive)Specifications
Class 3AcidsDedicated lines and pump
Stainless steelVegetable oils 
2500 cbm eachPharma products 
10 tanks  
Bund B (August 2023)Product examples (low flash)Specifications
Class 1HexeneDedicated lines and pump
Carbon steelBTXIFR
2500 cbm eachMethanolFire fight equipment
10 tankslow flash fuels / solventspump seals and ATEX
Bund D (August 2023)Product examples (basic tank)Specifications
Class 3Base oilsDedicated lines and pump
Carbon steelLubricants 
2500 cbm eachGasoil 
10 tanks  

Other terminal locations which V-Tank Storage SA can offer to you.

Gothenburg, Sweden

1 x 17,000 cbm, insulated, heated, truck loading.

Products: Gasoil, Diesel, FAME, HVO, potentially bio-feedstocks.

Vessel restrictions: Max draft 12.2 m, max LOA 245 m, max beam no restriction.

Oskarshamn, Sweden

Capacity: 96,600 cbm in 7 caverns (12 – 14 km3 each)

Product(s): Diesel/Gasoil

Vessel restrictions: Max draft 9.87 m, max LOA 145 m, max beam 33 m.

Barcelona, Spain

1 x 40,000 cbm – multipurpose, gasoline, Jet, Diesel

1 x 35 000 cbm + 1 x 21 000 cbm for Diesel

1 x 10 000 cbm for FAME

Rates negotiable.

Max draft 15.9 m, max LOA 275 m, max beam no restriction

Tallinn, Estonia

6 x 30,000 cbm = 180,000 cbm for Crude

Max draft 17 m (15.5 m out of the Baltic Sea), max LOA 330 m, max beam 32 m.

Suez, Egypt

10,500 mt (5 x 1,200 mt + 3 x 1,500 mt) for edible oils, bio-oils, palm oils, base oil, vessel in/out & truck in/out, heated tanks.

Max draft 12 m, max LOA 180 m, no beam restriction.

Fujairah, UAE

500,000 cbm for Crude (This project needs long term client) tailor made as per client’s specifications.

Fujairah jetty: Max draft 17.0 m, max dwt 200,000 mt

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