About us

We are optimistic about the future and we never give up. We are keen on exploring the world and sharing our ideas with the world. We will make things happen. We are Vleeshouwers. 

We are Swedish by our passports, but Switzerland has become our home since year 2009. We enjoy Switzerland and its fantastic nature. We also find it to be a strategic location, as located rather much in the middle of Europe, for our travels. 

Yes, that sums up who we are as people. We have come a long way and we have seen many people with different backgrounds and cultures in different places. So we can say that we know a thing or two. If you need a piece of advice, you can come to us.

Some (fun) facts about Vleeshouwers:

Fact 1 –        We have visited 118 countries and our goal is to reach 160 out of the totally 198-206 countries in the world.

Fact 2 –        We speak six (6) languages and understand four (4) more. They are: English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Danish, French, Ukrainian.

Fact 3 –        We are professional within the Tank Terminal Industry (totally 70 years of experience in Paktank, Van Ommeren, Vopak, Nordic Tank Storage, Nordic Storage and InterTank). Also a large experience within Administration Management.

Fact 4 –        We have had meeting with Vladimir Putin (St. Petersburg). In 2013, we personally had the honour of having a private dinner with the last member of the Romanov royal family, Prince Dmitry Romanov and his Danish wife, Princess Dorrit; we handshake with Prince of Monaco, Albert II. We have had the possibility to see Ringo Starr (Monaco), Roger Moore (Monaco), Rod Stewart (Cannes), Paul McCartney (Stockholm), David Beckham with his family (London) and many more famous or very interesting people.  

Fact 5 –       We who are born in the northern part of the world, do love to go into hot saunas. It is said that when a family in Finland start to build a house, they do start with the sauna. The same important it´s for us.        

You see, we like to keep busy, we like things to move around. For this reason we have created this site.

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