May 23 – 2023, Information from the company

V-Tank Storage SA have reached a Marketing Agreement with a Bulk Liquid Storage Terminal strategically located in Tanjung Perak, in Surabaya, Indonesia. 🤝

The area is a sea transportation gateway and trade centre to and from the eastern part of Indonesia.

The terminal provides an international standard quality service

The terminal have one berth that can receive ships up to 50 000 DWT, Draught 12 meters, LOA 240 meters, and one berth for barges up to 6 000 DWT, draught 5 meters, LOA 100 meters.

The terminal is professionally operated 24 hours.

Each tank has its separate pipeline system.

At the very moment the terminal consists of 10 tanks with a capacity of 6 000 cbm each and 3 tanks with a capacity of 3 500 cbm each.

EXPERIENCES of stored products are:

Palm Oil and its derivatives such as:

•RBDOL (Olein)

•BDPS (Stearin)

•CPO (Crude Palm Oil)

•CPKO (Crude Palm Kernel Oil)

•PAO ( Palm Acid Oil)

•POME (Palm Oil Mild Effluent)

•UCO (Used Cooking Oil)




•Sulfuric Acid

•Phosphoric Acid


•Caustic Soda

•Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB)


•Marine Fuel Oil

•Diesel Oil



Other Liquids


Whatever are your bulk liquid storage needs, feel free to discuss with us!

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