Tema & Accra in Ghana

Oxford Street in Accra, Ghana

Osu Oxford Street – Osu Oxford Street is a premier business centre located in the Accra metropolis. This street is the most popular street in Ghana with shopping, hotels, and restaurants.

Accra is the capital of Ghana, on the Atlantic coast of West Africa.

Population: 284,124 (in 2021)

Average salary is 200-250 $ / month. 

Black Star Square – The Independence Arch in Accra, Ghana, is part of the Independence Square which contains monuments to Ghana’s independence struggle, including the Independence Arch, Black Star Gate, and the Liberation Day Monument.

Black Star Square
With local guide John
Makola Market

Currency: The official currency is Ghana Cedis. 1.00 USD equals 11.78 Ghanaian Cedi. USD and EUR are accepted in small denomination bills that are new.  Official stores, hotels, and restauarnts take credit cards. Local markets will only accept local curreny and may accept USD or EUR.

1 USD = 11,78 ghana cedis

3 USD = 35,33 cedis 

5 USD = 58,88 cedis 

10 $. = 117,76  cedis 

50 $ =  588,78 cedis

100 $ = 1,177.56 cedis 

Makola Market in Accra, Ghana – May 8, 2023

Language: While English serves as the national language, the Twi dialects Asante, Akwapin, and Fante are the major local languages of Ghana used in publication and communication. Other Ghanaian languages with written resources include Ga, Kasena, Nzema, Ewe, Gonja, Dagbene, Dagaare, and Wali.

Beauty Salon in Makola Market – Accra, Ghana – May 8, 2023

Ghana National Mosque – The Ghana National Mosque is a mosque in Ghana. It is the second largest mosque in West Africa. The mosque was built at a cost of $10 million. It was funded by the Turkish Hudai Foundation in Accra with the support of the Turkish government. The complex includes a residence for the imam, a school and a library. Check online for visitor times.

Makola Market in Accra, Ghana -May 8, 2023
Port in Tema, Ghana – May 8, 2023. Photographer Tatjana Vleeshouwers

Tema is a city on the Bight of Benin and Atlantic coast of Ghana. It is located 25 kilometers east of the capital city Accra, in the region of Greater Accra, and is the capital of the Tema Metropolitan District.


Visited this place May 8, 2023

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