Cotonou, Benin

Cotonou is a large port city on the south coast of Benin, in West Africa.

Population: 679,012 (in 2012)

At the eastern end of central Boulevard St. Michel is the huge Dantokpa Market, which features religious items and spices alongside everyday objects. To the southwest, the 19th-century Cotonou Cathedral has a striking red-and-white striped facade. Nearby, in the Haie Vive district, the Fondation Zinsou museum shows contemporary African art. 

Language: Benin is a diverse country linguistically. French is the official language, and most of the indigenous languages are considered national languages.

USD and EUR are accepted in small denomination bills that are new.  Official stores, hotels, and restaurants take credit cards. Local markets will only accept local curreny and may accept USD or EUR.


1 US Dollar = 594.50 West African CFA Franc. 

10 $  = 5.945 CFA

100 $ = 59.450 CFA

Dantokpa Market
Dantokpa Market in Cotonou, Benin

The Dantokpa Market, or simply Tokpa, is the largest open-air market in West Africa, located in Cotonou, Benin. It is one of the most important retailing areas in Benin, covering over 20 hectares. It is also economically important for the country, with a reported commercial turnover of over a billion CFA Francs a day. Open Sundays 7am – 7pm.

Sale of gasoline for scooters and – access to the toilet – pee 50 franc, poop 100 franc

The driver of this bus promised us (there were 10 of us), promised to pick us up in one hour and take us back to the ship, but we waited in vain. He never came back.. We had to make our own way. And trust me, it wasn’t easy.. 😏

We took a picture of this bus to remember the driver, who promised to return in one hour to this place … but … we did not see the driver again.

We found just such a car and return to the ship..

Only 8 people out of 10 fit in this car. The remaining 2 people returned by Tuk-tuk. Total price for 8 people / car $10.

Back on the ship 💙

Professional interest.. 👀

Professional interest.. 👀

This is Africa, baby.. ❤️‍🔥🤎🖤


Cotonou, Benin – May 7, 2023

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