Probolinggo, Java province, Indonesia

Red Church, or Gereja Merah is one of historical site in Probolinggo city. Build in 1826, the Red Church get very little reconstruction at the inside part and paint, because the building made from steel. Till today, the church still use for worship and has become the historical building that must protected by the government. As the heritage sites, the Red Church has become one of tourist destination in Probolinggo. It commonly visited by foreign tourist who want to know more about the long history of the nation and heritage. There are various things of worship and Ancient- Gospel of hundreds years but still well preserved.


Probolinggo is a city on the north coast of the East Java province, Indonesian´s second-populous province.

The city is located on one of the major highways across Java, and has a harbor that is heavily used by fishing vessels.

Probolinggo experienced economic growth in sugar refinement and exportation. Today, sugar is still an important export, while fishing also has an extensive history.

The city is also famous for its sweet, green, high-fiber mangoes as well as the Probolinggo Bull Race, also called “karapan sapi” (a tradition going back to ancient times, which celebrated a succesful rice harvest).

Visited this place March 29, 2023.

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