Benoa (Denpasar), Bali, Indonesia – Day 2

Workshop. Handmade silver jewelry.

We came to a place where coffee is made from the faeces /excrement of an animal called the Asian palm civet.

Kopi luwak coffee, mainly produced in Indonesia, is made by feeding coffee cherries to a cat-like mammal called the Asian palm civet. These coffee cherries are then partially digested, and the beans are passed whole in their faeces. These beans are then separated, cleaned, and sold to be roasted.

Kopi luwak coffee is said to be the most expensive coffee in the world…

The Asian palm civet´s faeces (excrement)
The Asian palm civet
The Asian palm civet
The Asian palm civet

Coffee tasting of different varieties, including Kopi luwak coffee for comparison.. :o))

Kopi luwak coffee
Hard worker
Hard worker
Very old electrical system. March 28, 2023.
This beautiful road in Bali was build by the Japanese, our guide said.

This beautiful day was given to us by a man named Komang, who was our guide. If you are planning to visit Bali, feel free to ask how to contact him.

Visited this place March 28, 2023.

Probolinggo, Java province, Indonesia
Benoa (Denpasar), Bali, Indonesia

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