Bunbury, Western Australia

Art Museum
Western Australia, Bunbury, Bunbury Lighthouse

The face of Bunbury has changed in an incredible way. Once seen as just an industrial port, the city has received an injection of edgy boutiques, intimate wine bars and top-notch restaurants , mostly thanks to a group of hip, young entrepreneurs who decided to transform their city into a place they wanted to work and play. Bunbury is also a home to the largest collection of street and public art in regional Australia.

The masked lapwing (Vanellus miles) is a large, common and conspicuous bird native to Australia, particularly the northern and eastern parts of the continent, New Zealand and New Guinea. It spends most of its time on the ground searching for food such as insects and worms, and has several distinctive calls. It´s common in Australian fields and open land, and is known for its defensive swooping behavior during the nesting season.

Western Australia.

Surfing, stad up paddle boarding, canoeing and boating are all very popular here.

Port Bunbury
Oil Storage Terminal, port Bunbury

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