Albany, Western Australia

Albany Entertainment Centre, opened December 2010
York Street in the centre of Albany

What is Albany Australia known for? 
Albany is on the migration route for several species of whales and in 1978 the station was the last in Australia to stop hunting. Today, Albany’s Historic Whaling Station is dedicated to whales and the historic industry with interactive exhibits.

Albany is the hotspot for tourism due to the rich history, scenic views, farmers markets,
whale watching, and bushwalking trails. The town is enclosed between two
mountains. Mount Melville and Mount Clarence, these landmarks offer fantastic
views of the Indian Ocean and whale migration. The whale watching is amongst the
best in the world. The mountains also offer bushwalking mixing with Australian
wildlife and fauna.

Dog Rock, Albany Western Australia
York Street in Albany

Population: 40,115 (2021) with a population density of 9.31 persons per square km.

The City of Albany is located in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia, about 400 kilometres south-east of Perth.

Albany is a popular choice for retirement for Western Australians. Saying this its not
just Western Australians that choose Albany WA to spend their twilight years, people
from all around Australia and in fact the world to relax and enjoy life in Albany WA.
The town offers many options and amenities when it comes to retirees. 

The Church of Saint John the Evangelist
The Church of Saint John the Evangelist
The Church of Saint John the Evangelist
Old Forts Lighthouse. Albany, Australia


Mean max tempMean min tempAnnual rainfall
19.5 °C 
67 °F
11.7 °C 
53 °F
929.6 mm 
36.6 in
Port Albany
Port Albany

Did you know Albany WA was at one point a whaling station?.. Being at the
southernmost tip of WA. The last whale to be captured was female sperm whale on
the 20th November 1978. The Albany whaling station was a huge operation and
could keep up to 750,000 litres of whale oil at once.
These days the station is a tourist site, with remains of the past on display for the
public. Tools used by the whalers, huge skeletons, and films and images. There are
also many stories that are told about the whaling days.
Today the town makes a good income from the watching of whales. Viewing whales
in their natural habitat here is considered some of the best experiences in the world.
A vast range of whale species can be seen migrating along the southern coast of
Western Australia.

Albany WA boasts one of the longest whale watching seasons in the world. The
main species that can view are the southern right what, the humpback and at
times the rare blue whale. The whales come to the bay to play and mate. The
seasons starts in June and will continue up until October. If you have never seen
whales breaching and acting naturally. Then this is something you should see once in your lifetime. 

Visited this place March 17, 2023

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