Gane Energy selects FinCo Fuel Group as supplier

Gane Energy has selected FinCo Fuel Group as the first supplier to introduce a (green) methanol-based fuel formulation to reduce greenhouse gases and exhaust emissions.

This liquid fuel, Gane Fuel, has been developed for use in new and retrofitted heavy-duty diesel engines. The partnership highlights both companies’ ambitions to deliver climate neutral fuels to meet current and new emissions regulations.

The (green) methanol blend was designed to significantly reduce local emissions and doesn’t produce soot during combustion, unlike diesel or heavy fuel oil. It’s a patented methanol/water blend which is ignited in the engine by conversion of a small portion of the fuel to di-methyl ether (DME).

Independent test results have demonstrated that Gane Fuel can allow existing diesel engines to meet Euro Stage V off-road NOx emissions regulations without using expensive urea-based SCR-systems.

Altogether, this methanol/water-based fuel, with its diesel-like performance, is a clean solution. Existing heavy-duty diesel engines modified to run on this blend allow end users to benefit from this cleaner fuel, with no loss in performance and without the high cost of replacing the engines in their fleets. This makes it a promising and accessible transition fuel which can be carbon neutral when made from renewable methanol.

“The hard work and dedication from both companies were supported by strong shared values and goals. Our shared sense of urgency was instrumental here – we both recognised the need to offer a more sustainable fuel alternative to the widespread use of diesel and marine gas oil,” explained Bart-Willem ten Cate, director renewables strategy and development at FinCo Fuel Group.

“With our operating system and logistics network we are well placed to produce and distribute Gane Fuel and serve the fuel market in Northwest Europe. Together we can accelerate the pace of creating a cleaner future to drive change on a major scale,” he added.

Executive chairman of Gane, Paul Cooper looks forward to the future: “With FinCo, we have secured a partner that has the required green footprint to introduce Gane Fuel to an important part of the Northwest European fuel market, with the distribution networks and clean fuel expertise to assist its customers in meeting their sustainability goals.

“Gane Fuel is a sustainable fuel solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality. We look forward to seeing the impact this important cooperation between Gane and FinCo will have on traditionally carbon heavy industries.”

FinCo Fuel Group and Gane Energy are currently identifying demonstration projects with customers in different market sectors which will be commencing in 2023.


(Source: Tank News Int., Sept. 30-2022)

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