Outokumpu to invest in a biocoke & biomethane plant at its site in Tornio, Finland

Announcing the news, Outokumpu said: “As a part of our ambitious climate actions, Outokumpu is planning an investment in a biocoke and biomethane plant at its stainless-steel production site in Tornio, Finland. Outokumpu is applying for investment support totalling EUR 25 million.”

It added: “If realised, this project would significantly increase self-sufficiency in energy in Finland, and it also has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 200,000 tonnes per year. This project supports significantly the Finnish and European energy and climate targets for 2030.”

Juha Erkkilä, Outokumpu’s head of sustainability, added: “As the global leader in sustainable stainless steel, we actively look for new ways to reduce climate emissions. The new biocoke and biomethane plant would show that it is possible to produce a new raw material from the forest industry waste that is currently burned for low-efficient energy creation purposes.

“Using biomass-based raw material and biofuels produced from bio-wastes will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and strengthen the execution of Outokumpu’s sustainability strategy. If realised, the project would strengthen the independence of Outokumpu from fossil fuels and create new job opportunities in the Tornio region.”


(Source: Tank News Int., Sept. 30-2022)

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