Dakar, Senegal – West Africa

Dakar is the capital and largest city of Senegal. The city of Dakar has a population of 1,030,594, whereas the population of the Dakar metropolitan area is estimated at 3.94 million in 2021. 

Language: The official language is French but other languages are spoken as well. Some people in Dakar do speak English..

Religion: 95% of the population are Muslims.


1 USD = 604,38 West African CFA Franc.

5 USD = 3,022.00 CFA

10 USD = 6,044.00 CFA

Cathedral of Our Lady of Victories.

The Our Lady of Victories Cathedral or Cathedral of Dakar, is a religious building that serves as the Catholic cathedral in the city of Dakar, the capital of the African country of Senegal, which is the seat of the Archdiocese of Dakar.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Victories.
Football field, Dakar

Local beer tasting 🍺 🍻

Dakar made an unpleasant impression on us. A large number of banks, stately buildings in the city center, a shameless display of wealth of a small privileged group of society and the vast majority of beggars in their background. It is forbidden to pass by the residence of the President on foot, you can only pass with a car, there are a lot of armed police in the city, a feeling of dictatorship and permissiveness of those in power. People are hungry to the point of exhaustion, many are lying under monuments, whether a dying person is lying or weakened – no one is interested in this.. A very bad, unfriendly atmosphere in the city.

May 15, 2023.

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