Crew competition for the best cocktail

Routine every morning: coffee, jacuzzi, sunrise.
From left to right: Albi from Albania, Olga from Ukraine, Olexandr from Odessa/Ukraina. (April 1, 2023)
From left to right: All Bars Manager SEAN SMIT from South Africa, Bartender OLGA from Ukraina, Bartender ALBI from Albania, Cruise Director ROSS, Bartender OLEXANDR from Ukraina.
Cruise Director ROSS, bartender OLGA.
The judges taste Olga´s cocktail :-))
Bartender ALBI, Cruise Director ROSS, bartender OLEXANDR. (April 1, 2023)
The judges taste ALBI´s cocktail.
Competition for the best cocktail

Guess who is the winner?……

Padang, Indonesia
Surabaya, Java province, Indonesia

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