Cairns, Australia

Cairns is a city in Queensland, Australia, on the tropical north east coast of Far North Queensland. Population: 153,952 (June 2019) having grown on average 1.02% annually over the preceding five years.

The city is the 5th-most-populous in Queensland, and 15th in Australia.

67.9% of people were born in Australia.  4.0% born in England, 3.1% New Zealand, 1.5% Papua New Guinea, 1.2% Philippines and 1.1% Japan

76.9% of people speak only English at home. Other languages ​​spoken at home include Japanese 1.6%, Chinese 0.8%, Italian 0.7%, Korean 0.7% and German 0.6%.


Mean max tempMean min tempAnnual rainfall
29.4 °C 
85 °F
21.0 °C 
70 °F
1,981.5 mm 
78 in

Visited February 26, 2023.

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