San Andrés, Colombia

San Andrés is a coral island in the Caribbian Sea.

The official language are Spanish, English and Creole.

Population: 67,912 (2007)

A typical house in San Andrés

The blow hole is a rarity that is fun for all ages with its marine snorts – an incredible conjunction of compressed air, a network of coral tunnels, and a barrage of crystal waters that slide up to eight meters inside a hole, blowing ocean water as a powerful vertical jet. This is the Hoyo Soplador, a natural marvel that everyone should visit and enjoy.

Depending on the intensity of the waves that crash against the shore, the Hoyo Soplador can expulse columns of water that sprut from four to ten meters high. In the time between the intermittent waves that lash the coast, people take the oportunity to bathe in the water or take photos or video.


Colombia is a generally warm country. Almost 80% of its territory lies below 1,000 m above sea level in a wide variety of Colombian regions, with an average temperature of 27 C (80,6 F)

The first Baptist Church in San Andrés, founded 1812.

High crime rate. Our ship, Seabourn Sojourn, is heavily quarded by two naval ships.


12 Jan. 2023 – visited by Ulf and Tatjana Vleeshouwers.

You are in safe hands with Captain Hamish leading the ship
Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

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