Fulcrum successfully produces synthetic crude oil

Clean energy company, Fulcrum BioEnergy, has announced that it has successfully produced a low-carbon synthetic crude oil using landfill waste as a feedstock at its Sierra BioFuels Plant in Nevada, US. This is the world’s first commercial-scale landfill waste-to-fuels plant.

This achievement places Fulcrum as a renewable fuels leader, producing and selling net-zero carbon fuel. The synthetic fuel will help support the aviation industry’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Eric Pryor, Fulcrum’s president and CEO says: ‘This accomplishment is a watershed moment for Fulcrum and opens the door for our plans to transform landfill waste around the world into a low-carbon transportation fuel in a way that will have a profound environmental impact…As we continue to work to address global environmental challenges and advance our development program, we aim to replicate our success at Sierra with cost-efficient net-zero carbon plants nationally and ultimately around the globe.’

In the future, Fulcrum expects to have capacity to produce approximately 400 million gallons of net-zero carbon transportation fuel annually. Fulcrums development program includes the Centerpoint BioFuels Plant in Gary, Indiana, US, the Trinity Fuels Plant in the Texas Gulf Coast region, US and the NorthPoint project in the UK.


(Source: TSM, Dec. 21-2022)

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