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At weekend, you have extra time that otherwise you don´t have on the weekdays. It gives you the opportunity to do the things that you love such as traveling, writing, reading, listening to music, and other activities that is unique to each person.

I love painting in oils. I do this, unfortunately, too rarely, but I always liked it. When you start drawing, making the first sketches, you completely disconnect from work problems and go into the world of art with all your heart.

Of course, I am not Van Gogh and, moreover, not Picasso, and I do not even correspond to modern avant-garde artists, but the main thing is that it gives me pleasure. Here are some of my early works, don’t judge too harshly. :-))

This picture was painted at the age of 14 and is called The End. You can see this signature in Swedish in the lower right corner.

I still remember the reason why I painted this picture in such a dramatic way.. 🙂

Have a great weekend. 💖

Ulf Vleeshouwers, Oct. 28-2022

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