World’s fastest drummer: 11-year-old from Australia breaks record

Can we get a drum roll please… 

Pritish A R (Australia) has broken the record for the most drumbeats in a minute using drumsticks – 2,370.

That’s almost 40 beats per second! 😲

Drumming has been Pritish’s passion ever since he can remember. 

He used to make sounds with his toys when he was little and at the age of five he started playing the drums for real.

Pritish started taking lessons every week and practising every day. He soon became one of the most talented young drummers in the world. 

After he passed the highest level drum exam possible (Grade 8), Pritish decided to attempt a world record. He wanted to become the world’s fastest drummer. 😎

In April 2021, Pritish began practicing his fast drumming technique. He practiced every day for seven months to get super speedy.

In December, Pritish was finally ready for his official record attempt. All his training had led to this moment.

In just 60 seconds, Pritish hit the drum 2,370 times! 😵

He was happy to find out that he smashed the previous record of 2,109, set by an adult, Siddharth Nagarajan (India) in 2017. 😃

Pritish wants to become an expert at other instruments too, such as the bongo and the mrindangam – an ancient Hindu drum. 

He also plans to enter talent shows, release his own music and learn how to drum with fire sticks. 🔥

It seems Pritish has his sights set on breaking many more records!

(Source: Guinness World Records – January 2022)

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