French activists fill holes with cement in protest at watering exemptions

Aug 14 (Reuters) – Climate activists affiliated with Extinction Rebellion have targeted golf courses in southern France, filling holes with concrete in protest over exemptions from water restrictions during one of the worst droughts on record.

France has told residents to avoid non-essential water usage like car-washing and watering gardens. 😮 However, activists complain that golf courses are allowed to continue watering greens.

The protest action took place at the Vieille-Toulouse club and also at the Garonne des Sept Deniers course.

P.S. Personal comment: Apparently, the activists do not have their own gardens, which means they have no experience (besides, apparently, they did not study well at school), if they do not understand that if green plants are not watered, then cities will lose oxygen and people will suffocate in carbon dioxide. It would be better to focus people’s attention on the garbage.

(Source: Reuters, August 14-2022)

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