Lightyear 0: The solar-powered car you can ‘drive for months without charging’

Lightyear’s solar powered car   –   Copyright All rights reserved  

The Dutch startup Lightyear’s futuristic solar-powered car, with its five square metres of solar panels on the roof and bonnet and space-age aerodynamic sleekness, can cover 70 km powered solely from the sun – if the weather is good, that is.

But right now the cost of producing one –  €250,000 – means it’s not commercially viable. Or not yet, anyway.

“It shows that it is possible, it serves as a technology demonstrator. But our goal is to be able to reach a mass market in three years, with a car at €30,000,” said Lex Hoefsloot, the CEO of Lightyear.

(Source: Euronews, June 27-2022) 

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