UKOG plans UK hydrogen salt storage at Portland Port

Exploration and production company UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) is planning an energy hub based around a possible 1.2 billion m3 of hydrogen salt cavern storage under land owned by Portland Port in Dorset, UK.

UKOG has signed a lease agreement with Portland Port for two sites under the former Royal Navy port for the development of the hydrogen-ready gas storage caverns, which will be used for LNG in the beginning. The project builds upon a previous project by Portland Gas Storage, which was granted planning consent by Dorset County Council in 2008 but completed.

Currently, the UK has 1.7 billion m3 of underground gas storage capacity, so the project would represent a large increase. Under the plans, the salt caverns will be linked to the UK gas grid with a hydrogen-ready pipeline capable of handling 28 million m3 of gas daily, the equivalent of a seventh of current estimated UK daily natural gas consumption.

(Source: Tank Storage Magazine 31/05/22)

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