62-year-old jumper from 192 m (629 ft) above the city of Auckland, New Zealand

This girl fastened security belts on me. Before the jump, she asked me: “Do you have children?” Yes, I said. “Then tell them now to the camera just in case: Farewell! Because you may never see them again.” …At the time it wasn’t funny at all..!!!…

But – I had the courage to do it!

Oh my gosh… look what a small cars there below..

In flight, this is an indescribable feeling of happiness and freedom.

I did it !

Now, long after the jump, I understand why the guy before me changed his mind and didn’t jump. Apparently the girl said the same thing to him as to me. By the way, money for the jump must be paid downstairs on the first floor and the seller warns that they are not returned. Very cleverly thought out! Because when you go up to the very top in a glass elevator, you don’t really want to jump anymore…

Located smack dab in the middle of Auckland’s Central Business District is New Zealand’s tallest building. Standing 328m / 1,076 ft  tall, (as measured from ground level to the top of the mast), the Sky Tower is an icon of Auckland’s sky line and is the adrenaline hub of the city.

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