Dracula Castle

Bran Castle is known as the inspiration for the vampire’s home in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

But visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic are more likely to leave with puncture marks in their arms than their necks this month.

Like most of the world’s tourist attractions, the castle in Romania‘s Carpathian mountains seen a drop in the number of tourists this year.

So instead, it has become a COVID-19 vaccination centre.

Medical workers with bloody fang stickers on their scrubs are offering free shots of the Pfizer vaccine every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this month.

Medical workers have bloody vampire mouth stickers at Bran Castle

No appointment is needed and vaccine recipients also get free entry to the castle’s exhibit of 52 medieval torture tools.

They will also get what the castle’s website describes as a “vaccination diploma” hailing their “boldness and responsibility”.

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