Rocket hits crude oil storage tank at Trans-Israel pipeline: reports

A fire broke out at the Trans-Israel or Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline in Ashkelon, Israel,
after a rocket from Gaza hit a crude oil storage tank on May 11, according to
local media reports.
Violence has escalated in recent days, with rockets fired at Israeli cities from the
Gaza Strip and the Israeli military carrying out retaliatory air strikes in Gaza.
Media reports said civilians have been killed on both sides.
“Firefighters are still working to control the large fire blazing the trans-Israel
energy pipeline in Ashkelon, after a rocket from Gaza hit a container [tank] at the
plant during the rocket fire Tuesday evening,” The Jerusalem Post reported.
The 600,000 b/d (82 000 tons) crude pipeline connects the Red Sea port city of
Eilat in southern Israel to the Mediterranean port city of Ashkelon. There are also
separate pipelines running between Ashkelon and the nearby refinery in
Ashdod, and between Ashkelon and the Haifa refinery.
Ashkelon is also home to many independent oil storage tanks used by a number
of international oil companies and trading houses.

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