Puerto Limón in Costa Rica

Tortuguero River, National Park in Puerto Limón

Puerto Limón is the capital city of Limón Province in country Costa Rica. It´s the seventh city in the country with population of over 55,000.

It is also a major Costa Rican port for exporting and importing.

Part of the community has its roots to Jamaican and Chinese laborers. They worked on the nineteenth-century railroad project. The railroad connected San José to Puerto Limón.

Other parts of the population have their roots in the Nicaraguan, Panamian and Colombian turtle-hunters who settled in the city.


Limón has a tropical rainforest climate. Average temperatures are very constant all the year. The average is +25/+26 degrees C (79 F). Lemón has no dry season. The driest month is September.

Costa Rica is a very reliable and secure country. There is not even army here.

We visited this place January 13, 2023.

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