New agreement to explore possibility of storing future green fuels in Aalborg

Port of Aalborg and Scandinavian Tank Storage have signed a cooperation agreement.

With this new deal, the two parties will further develop the tank facilities at the coal and oil terminal at Nordjylland Power Station. Amongst other things, the parties will explore how the tank facility can be used to store future green fuels.

Since 2015, the Port of Aalborg has operated four 55,000 cubic metre tanks at the coal and oil terminal close to Nordjylland Power Station. Currently, the tanks are used for storing marine fuels, but this could change in the future.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with Scandinavian Tank Storage, which will enable us to accelerate the development of our storage solutions and teach us how we can meet the future demand for green fuel storage.

“The transport industry is facing a significant transformation, where fuels derived from Power-to-X and biomass will play an important role. With Scandinavian Tank Storage’s in-depth knowledge and network, we are taking some major long-term steps in handling future fuels,” said senior commercial manager at Port of Aalborg, Michael Rosenkilde Lind.

The two parties already initiated a collaboration in 2019, giving Port of Aalborg access to the Nordic oil and fuel storage company’s extensive customer network. However, the partnership is now significantly strengthened with Scandinavia Tank Storage also increasingly focused on developing infrastructure and storage for future sustainable fuels.

“We are delighted with the new agreement, which we believe both parties will benefit from. Over recent years, we have grown significantly and experienced a great demand for facilities such as Port of Aalborg’s. Therefore, it is a natural progression for us to enter into a new long-term partnership agreement that strengthens our future cooperation.

“Aalborg is an excellent strategic location with good logistical facilities and easy access to the rest of the Nordic region, which is our primary market,” said Reynir Gudlaugsson, marketing and business development at Scandinavian Tank Storage.

Future proofing of tanks facilities in full swing. Since taking over the operation of the four tanks, Port of Aalborg has completely renovated and future-proofed the facility, making it more energy-efficient and feasible for storage of future green fuels.

“We have already invested heavily in optimizing the tank facilities. In 2020, a heat supply

conversion saved 80-90 percent of CO2 emissions. In 2021, the establishment of two new

pipelines enabled the handling of various products and alternative fuels such as the so-called e-fuels,” said Michael Rosenkilde Lind.

Reynir Gudlaugsson added: “Although the fossil fuel storage market currently remains considerable in volume, the demand for alternative fuel storage solutions is growing steadily.

“It is gratifying to collaborate with like-minded actors who share the same ambitions as us in terms of transitioning current storage facilities and value chains to more sustainable ones,” he concluded.


(Source: Tank News Int., Oct. 10-2022)

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