The world’s youngest club DJ

Meet Archie Norbury AKA DJ Archie, who at 4 years and 130 days old he has claimed the title of youngest club DJ. 🎧

Since discovering his talent for DJing, Archie has performed live to 7,000 people and even appeared on TV program This Morning.

Archie was originally born in Dubai but recently moved with his family to Hong Kong, it was in Hong Kong where he broke the record for youngest club DJ at nightclub ‘Bungalow’, showing off his talents for a whole hour while playing his favourite dance music.

The young DJ has been practising since he was 2-years-old, after discovering his talents from watching his DJ dad John Norbury practice on his own decks in their home. 

DJ Archie loves developing his music skills and is always learning new tricks from his Dad, with nearly 20,000 followers on his Instagram page, he is one to watch. Are you following DJ Archie?

Being the world’s youngest club DJ keeps Archie busy, attending big music festivals around the world and performing with some of the top names in the garage music scene.   


(Source: Guinness World Records – November 2019)

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