iPhone 14: Everything you need to know

The iPhone 14 is expected to appear sometime next month, and rumours suggest a different approach to previous iPhone releases.

We outline all there is to know about the iPhone 14 right now, including release date and pricing predictions as well as the latest leaks and rumours detailing what to expect from Apple’s 2022 flagship iPhone range.

When will the iPhone 14 be released?

Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 13 in September 2021, which means we’re getting ever closer to the release of the next-gen iPhone 14.

iPhone releases tend to happen in September – with the exception of 2020 amidst the pandemic – so with that in mind, we expect the iPhone 14 range to be released sometime in September 2022.

When in September? While Apple hasn’t confirmed a September event – or the launch of the next iPhone – we can use previous announcements as a guide. The iPhone 13 was announced on 14 September 2021, while the iPhone 11 was announced on 12 September 2019. Discounting the late 2020, release, Apple favours a release on Tuesdays, and in particular, the second week of September.

With all that in mind, we expect the iPhone 14 range to be announced on Tuesday 13 September 2022, with pre-orders likely starting on Friday 16 September and releasing a week later on Friday 23 September.

How much will the iPhone 14 cost?

Apple likes to end its product pricing in $49 or $99, which leads us to believe that the iPhone 14 could cost $799/£799 (if compared to the 13 Mini price), while the iPhone 14 Pro could start at the same $1,099/£1,099 as the larger last-gen iPhone 13 Pro Max.

There were rumours that Apple could increase the storage of the range, possibly even introducing a new 2TB model, but more recent claims from Haitong International analyst Jeff Pu now suggest the range will come in the same 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB options as its predecessor.

For comparison, the current iPhone range costs:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – £1,099/$1,099
  • iPhone 13 Pro – £999/$999
  • iPhone 13 – £799/$799
  • iPhone 13 Mini – £699/$699
  • iPhone 11 – £599/$599
  • iPhone XR – £499/$499
  • iPhone SE – £399/$399 

What to expect from the iPhone 14 range

Despite being quite some time away from the potential release, we’ve got a rough idea of what the iPhone 14 will offer – and it’s set to be an exciting one if current rumours are to be believed.

Goodbye Mini, hello Max

We all knew it was coming; after poor iPhone 12 mini sales, and expecting very much the same with the iPhone 13 mini, Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple will discontinue the line officially in 2022.

Instead, the company is said to offer 6.1in and 6.7in variants of both the base and Pro models, meaning we could see the introduction of a new iPhone 14 Max alongside the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

No more Face ID notch

Back in March 2021, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released predictions not only for the iPhone 13, but the iPhone 14 – though it was referred to as the 2022 iPhone, not specifically the 14.

In the note to investors, the analyst suggested that certain models of iPhone 14 could ditch the notch that houses the Face ID smarts. It has been present on every iPhone since the iPhone X, and although Apple shrank the unit by 20% on the iPhone 13, it’s apparently not done just yet.

More info here: Bloomberg, August 22-2022

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