Fribourg, Switzerland

Fribourg (in German: Freiburg)  a city in western Switzerland. The country of Switzerland is divided into four (4) parts by linguistic difference: the German-speaking part of the country, the French-speaking part, the Italian part and the Romansh.

The city of FRIBOURG lies on the border of the German-speaking and French-speaking parts of Switzerland, but the city is located on the French side. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of the population speaks French, approx. 25% – German and 5% – Italian. With a population of 38,489, over 10,000 are students of the local university. Therefore, there are a lot of young people in the city and the university is one of the main attractions of this small town.

The Cathedral Saint-Nicolas,

Cathedral St-Nicolas. According to legend, if its 74 m tower is unfinished it is because there was no money left. A jewel of Gothic architecture, the cathedral was built between 1283 and 1490. It is possible to climb the 365 steps to the top of the 74 m high tower and discover the entire town. Before entering this brooding 13th-century Gothic cathedral, contemplate the main portal with its 15th-century sculptured portrayal of the Last Judgment. On your right upon entering, inside the Chapelle du Saint Sépulcre, is an exceptionally lifelike sculptural group (1433) depicting Christ’s burial. Unless you suffer vertigo, or are of poor health, a 365-step climb of the cathedral’s 74m-tall tower for remarkable views over the medieval town should be considered a must-do.

Inside of the Cathedral St-Nicolas

The invisible border between the German part and the French is jokingly called the Potato Moat (Röstigraben), since the German-speaking part of the population is very fond of potato dishes.

This “Potato Moat” sits on the Saane River with 15 bridges that separate German from French speakers. If you crossed one of these 15 bridges then you immediately fell into an another language, into another culture, in a different cuisine.. Super easy, interesting and varied. “I’ll go and have lunch with the Germans today..” 😊 And walked across the bridge.

On the Bern Bridge
On the Bern Bridge
View from the Bern Bridge
Bern Bridge

Bern Bridge is 40m long. One of the few remaining wooden bridges in Switzerland and the only wooden bridge in Fribourg. Carefully and constantly renovated landmark of the city.


3-Must-see in Fribourg if you have short time:

  1. Cathedrale St-Nicolas
  2. Bern bridge – the first and oldest bridge of the city, as it stands today dates from 1653.
  3. Old Town (The 12th-century) 
  4. Hop on the tram (optional)

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