Gate LNG terminal to expand capabilities

Gate terminal in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is to expand its capabilities with three initiatives to strengthen its position for energy security in Europe.

Firstly, it will increase its truck loading capabilities, following a rise in the number of truck loading operations in 2022, which has resulted in congestion. The terminal says that it has been using a spare truck loading bay to mitigate the situation but will now instead build two additional truck loading bays. The terminal expects these to be operational in the second half on 2023.

The terminal has undergone various successful modifications, investments and tests and is now able to offer its ex[anded send-out capacpity throughout the winter months. At present the terminal has a send-out capacity of 12 billion m3 on a firm basis. It is now able to offer an additional 4 billion m3 on an interruptible basis.

Gate terminal is also planning an open season, pencilled in for 15 August, to increase the firm annual capacity by 4 billion m3, and has started work on a permit application, regulatory conditions and technical feasibility. The expansion would require the construction of a fourth tank. If successful, the new capacity would be available between 1 October 2024 and 1 October 2026.

(Source: Tank Storage Magazine, July 7 – 2022)

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