Largest solar car park in the world opens at famous Dutch music festival

Cars are parked beneath the bifacial solar panels Lowlands-Festival

The new solar car park is spearheading Lowlands’ drive towards sustainability. The parking lot covers 350,000 square meters, boasting 90,000 solar panels and space for over 15,000 cars.

As festival-goers park up and enjoy themselves by the stage, the solar carport is capable of generating up to 35 MWp (Megawatts-peak) of energy from the sun at the same time. That’s enough power to supply 10,000 households, or 100 Lowlands Festivals.

“For our company, it is essential that we are committed to a sustainable society,” says Ruben Brouwer from MOJO Concerts, the company behind Lowlands.

“This is an important step within our energy transition towards using renewable energy solely.”

(Source: Euronews )

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